Jill’s Bio

Jill Diamond is a seasoned communication coach with a specialization in working with international professionals. Her executive experience, background in the performance arts and keen interest in people allow Jill to help professionals Write it, Show it and Voice it with precision, passion and impact.

Whether it is a board presentation, a Town Hall event, or a dialogue between two leaders, Jill is a skilled advisor on creating and conveying meaningful messages. Jill’s clients include numerous Fortune 100 companies in diverse industries from Financial Services to the Fashion Industry to Medical professionals.

Her work touches individuals working as psychologists, entrepreneurs, designers and
more. Jill’s creative and practical approach guarantee that even the most technical
specialists can extend messages that resonate.

Jill is also widely known as an Accent Training Expert giving voice to international professionals. For more than 20 years she has helped executives from outside the United States compete in the English-speaking marketplace. She knows that mastering a second language is one thing and that being able to communicate effectively in the language of business is another.

Stemming from her childhood passion for the arts, Jill is an avid blogger, speech writer and ghost writer. She spreads enthusiasm about the value of effective communication in her public speaking engagements and is available to appear as a guest speaker upon request. Jill has lectured and presented in Brazil where she lives part-time. She continues to provide consultative coaching to professionals throughout Europe, the United States, India and South America. Jill has a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts in Education and is a trained singer, songwriter and former actor.