American Accent Training

American Accent Training

“I have trained in communication since I was in high school. It started with acting. As part of my education, I learned how to speak with different American accents as well as foreign accents. One accent is not better than the other. They are simply different. Adding new ways of speaking can help us assimilate into the communities we choose to live and work in.” – Jill Diamond

Accent Training

Giving voice to international professionals competing in the English-speaking marketplace.
Jill has devised a musical approach to speaking English that drives international executives to speak English with greater confidence and native-like speech patterns. The six speaking tools below are the foundation of Jill’s accent training:

Rhythm: Using the correct syllable stress of English is the most important tool to help native speakers comprehend your speech.

Emphasis: Knowing which words in a sentence are the key words and delivering them with emphasis can get your message understood more effectively.

Melody: The musical patterns of the five sentence types along with general stepping and gliding techniques are essential to your native-like speech.

Thought Chunking: Pausing and pacing in your spoken English communicates confidence and establishes trust with your listeners. It is also the easiest tool to apply.

Flow: Native English speakers have many ways of connecting their words and creating fluency. These flow techniques bring second language speakers closer to native-like English.

Diction: Pronunciation is a key component of your spoken English. Focusing on the American pronunciation of vowels will be at the forefront of your effective speech.

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by Jill Diamond
International professionals need effective communication skills. To compete in the English-speaking marketplace, you must understand how your accent may impact your audience. Download this free eBook to learn more about the benefits of accent training and get yourself in position to be heard.
Check out Jill’s YouTube Channel and learn the basics about Accent Training. You can also see if Jill’s coaching style is right for you and your organization.