Executive Communication Coaching

Write it. Show it. Voice it.

with executive communication coaching
Jill’s leadership coaching will drive you to speak with the intention to be heard. Executive presence is comprised of dynamically written and spoken words. It includes a heightened awareness and use of all communication components—the non-verbal, the voice, and the content. By positioning herself as an executive ally, Jill’s Write it, Show it, Voice it coaching is customized to meet the needs you have while emphasizing her proven executive communication coaching techniques that have lead thousands of high-level professionals to communication success over the years.

Write It

with content for prepared and impromptu messages
The Write It content includes business communication tools for formal and informal written material as well as speaking content for both prepared and impromptu speech. Everything from knowing your audience, organizing your thoughts and “writing” on the fly will help you engage in effective communication that establishes authority in your subject matter. Key development and communication coaching includes:

• Preparation techniques for anticipated questions, impromptu and formal speeches
• Structure of thought with word choice, audience awareness, and syntax variation
• Organization of ideas with defined sections, signposts and storytelling

Show It

with non-verbal cues that match your words
The Show it content builds necessary non-verbal skills for your next business presentation. This includes everything from gestures and eye contact to posture, facial expressions, and more. Whether you are speaking to large or small groups, one-on-one to board members, investors, or partners, it is important to use powerful visual cues in your delivery. Key development and communication coaching includes:

• Body language through facial expressions, hand gestures and appearance
• Impact through eye contact, posture and stance
• Presence through energy, dynamics and concentration

Voice It

with the intention to be heard
The effective communication coaching of Jill’s Voice It content focuses on the development of vocal presence. Everything from volume, breath support, melody and diction directly impact what your listeners hear. Vocal coaches like Jill can advise you on ways to build trust, gain support and drive key initiatives on new levels by simply employing the full potential inside your voice. Key development and communication coaching includes:

• Dynamics through volume, projection and intention
• Speed of speech with pausing, pacing and thought chunking
• Control with breathing, resonance and diction