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“Public speaking is performance. With this realization, you can build your vocal and physical presence so that it matches your level of knowledge.”
-Jill Diamond

Speaking Topics

Speak with Intention

There is a power hiding inside of our intention. When it comes to communication, this hiding place is waiting for us to combine our speaking tools with our ability to focus. This intention leads us to a powerful platform for communication. Speaking with intention is a simple trigger that drives professionals to use the skills they already have. This concentration allows us to overcome any obstacles we may face. In this topic, Jill turns a magical key for her audience. She demonstrates how easy it can be to engage audiences with the concept of the intention to be heard. Spoken messages become both bold and intuitive with her technique. Appropriate audience members for this topic:

  • Appreciate the power of effective communication
  • Are transitioning into more senior roles in the organization
  • Want to make a greater impact on their audiences

Vocal & Visual Presence for Public Speaking

Beyond the know-how communicated in our content, there are non-verbal and vocal cues that impact our communication much more than we may expect. Vocal variation and strength along with descriptive non-verbal cues keep our audiences engaged in the messages we are imparting. In this topic, Jill explores public speaking by using performance tools from her background in acting and singing to demonstrate the value of having a dynamic voice and illustrative body language. Appropriate audience members for this topic:

  • Understand that “good speakers are not born, they are created.” Jerry Weissman
  • Need to speak in public whether formally or informally
  • Want to improve the first impression they make on their listeners

The Six Musical Tools for Speaking English with Confidence

Competing in the English-speaking marketplace can be challenging for non-native English speakers. Communicating effectively means minimizing misunderstandings due to one’s accent. Whether you are a CFO, banker, physician or educator, you need to speak confidently to lead. In this topic, Jill reveals 6 speaking tools that are the key to successful English communication. With music at the forefront of Jill’s methodology, she uses this talk to inspire people to adopt the musical components of language that significantly increase the outcome of conversations. Appropriate audience members for this topic:

  • Are intermediate to advanced speakers of English
  • Need to create and convey meaningful messages in English
  • Want to speak English with confidence
  • Know they need communication assistance, but don’t know what to do

Cultural Competency for Native English Speakers

Diversity professionals know how important it is to be inclusive in the workplace. And for English-speaking companies, hospitals and universities, fluency is expected. However, just because an individual is technically proficient in English, it doesn’t mean they are easily understood. In this topic, Jill stimulates thinking about the ways to facilitate communication between native and non-native English speakers. The talk is for native English speakers and explores how non-native English speakers superimpose their native language rhythm and intonation patterns onto English. Appropriate audience members for this topic:

  • Are native English speakers
  • Want to improve their communication with non-native English speakers
  • Need to manage international teams
  • Know how important it is for team members to be heard
“There are gaps of understanding between speakers of different languages that keep us from building real global citizenship. Tools exist for clearer and more effective communication and with just a little attention, you can be a leader in this space.”
-Jill Diamond

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