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Your leadership skills depend on your communication skills. And public speaking starts from the moment we wake up and interact with others. That means, you need to be at your best for effective communication. What goes into your speech? First, it starts with you as the content expert. From there, it is essential you understand how your non-verbal communication and voice influence your speaking.

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International professionals need effective communication skills. To compete in the English-speaking marketplace, you must understand how your accent may impact your audience. Download this free eBook to learn more about the benefits of accent training and get yourself in position to be heard.

Benefits ofExecutive Coaching

Learn the communication skills you need to be your personal best

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills go beyond strategy. They include influencing others. A Willis Towers Watson study shows that communication skills can increase a company’s bottom line by up to 47%. That’s high!


Stay self-aware of your public speaking skills with a complimentary assessment that will get you on your way to selling your products and services, along with your great ideas, with impact.


Use your Executive Coaching program to ask yourself important questions about your communication skills. Then, use your heightened confidence to express your experience and know-how.


Malcolm Gladwell’s famous 10,000 hour-rule says that deliberate practice is mandatory to be perceived as an expert. Your dedication to your development will allow you to present yourself as the authority you already are

Trusted By

“I went into this course expecting it to help me improve my corporate communication style. What I got out of it was a life changing experience that helped me on a professional, personal and social level. Jill identified the smallest nuances in my communication approach, that when changed, made exponential improvements in my life. And the course was delivered in such a way that made change scarily simple!”

Chris Epple

VP, Global Marketing, Content, Strategy & Social Media at A+E Networks

After one of our employees had his first three-hour class, he could not stop talking about it. He has a speech at a conference this afternoon and is applying the skills he learned. After having heard such positive feedback from the people who have worked with you, I thought I’d book a class for myself next time I’m in the New York office!

Camilla Dahlen

Former President of Highdeal, Inc.

“I wanted to tell you how well I nailed the presentation in my Business Policy class! I was more confident and used many of the things you taught me. I was the best presenter in my team and the only A student in the whole class! I want to thank you for being there pointing out the things I need for improvement. I think it was very helpful!”

Yuanhsin Amy Yang

Private Wealth Advisor at Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.

“The program allowed me to see a new dimension on my journey to improve my English. Jill is effective and gave me tools to communicate better.”

Eduardo Herrera

VP of Technology International at Walmart

“Jill is passionate about what she does and really puts her heart into making sure that you succeed. She is willing to adopt to the client’s needs and always is prepared with answers to any question that comes up.”

Eeraj Qaisar

Co-Head Global Capital Markets Technology at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“Jill is assertive and very effective. It was an excellent experience. I am confident to communicate with all your help, patience and support. Thank you!”

Guillermo Gonzalez

Director of Human Resources, Latin America at Kellogg Company

“Jill Diamond is a dynamic, creative professional and an outstanding partner. Her passion around helping people be more effective at work carries over into our own partnership. Her long success as an entrepreneur and business owner speaks to the relevance of her services and quality of her results. I recommend Jill wholeheartedly to my own clients whenever I see a match between her skills and their needs.”

Lisa Parker

Owner at Heads Up Coaching & Consulting

“Jill prepared a terrific webinar focused on the challenges of courageous communication. It’ s clear she understands the importance of preparing a well defined webinar and the critical elements to success.”

Nancy Di Dia

U.S. Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, & CDO at Boehringer Ingelheim

“Jill is clearly a must have for any organization or individual looking to grow, improve and / or develop talent. Jill has been a valued partner of mine for nearly 20 years. She continues to develop tailored solutions to the issues at hand. Her insight, energy, personal attention and determination are superior. I highly recommend Jill.”

Joel Hammer

Former Managing Direct and CFO, Global Real Estate, AIG

“I highly recommend Jill’s programs for individuals and small groups who are non-native English speakers and need to boost their effectiveness in communicating with American counterparts in a business setting. As the Tokyo branch of our firm grew and became more connected with other offices around the world, our locally-based managers had an urgent need to boost their English skills as well as their comfort level in interacting in a Western business context. Jill’s creative methodology, which draws on her performing arts background was by far the best program on the market in Manhattan and our only option. As a result, the key managers who went through the program were able to build communication skills which served them in the years to come.”

Steffen Eckart’s

Former VP, Tokyo Head of Campus Recruiting

“Jill’s English communication program has helped our delegates become more effective English speakers, as well as listeners. It has helped them drive critical business meetings more confidently and more professionally in English.”

Manuela Burg

Former Program Manager Learning & Development at Cisco Systems

“After taking two courses, I feel more prepared to compete on Wall Street. It was enjoyable and a lot of fun to learn with Jill. The teaching tools and methods are adapted to the needs of the participant (unlike a prepared “one recipe fits all” approach). I would recommend Jill Diamond above anyone else for the following reasons: her customized approach; her one-on-one efficiency and the most important one: Learning with fun ensures the best success. My learning experience was great! Thank you Jill!”

Olivier Tabouret

Managing Director at Alcentra NY, LLC

“Jill’s Accent training is the best training I’ve ever had. It’s a way to get out of the routine and it gives a lot of energy. I’m usually not receptive to communication techniques because I’m persuaded that one changes only if one really wants it. I’m able to follow American tv shows now even if I don’t understand everything. This training has allowed me to free a resistance and I really thank you very much.”

Michel Ozun

Principle Clinical Operations Manager chez GSK Consumer Healthcare

“I am very glad my company sent me to this program. I am impressed with the training tools. I am sure this will help me to be more effective in my communication.”

Milan Paleja

Country President & General Manager at Novartis Indonesia

“Jill’s work is taken beyond words and structure and into expression. She says the work she does is very personal, and I can attest to that.”

Nicolas Gex

VP Human Resources International at Accuray

“Our client indicated that as long as he’s been speaking English, he has never had anyone deconstruct the actual sounds and rhythm the way you are doing—he finds it immensely helpful.”

Bill Young’s

Founder at Young Vienne, Inc. 

“Jill Diamond and her training methodologies are unparalleled. Her enthusiasm is contagious; her techniques are spot on; and her dedication to her customers is something that is rare to find in today’s fast-paced world. If you are looking for communication support for yourself or your team, use Jill. She won’t let you down.”

JC Bonilla

Director of Insight & Impact at DataKind

“Jill Diamond is a phenomenal professional and working with her is simply a delightful journey. She first helped me in correcting my accent for my presentations and then helped me in writing my speeches. I wrote some of my best with her. I am also sure this is not the end of our wonderful collaboration since she is not scared of any task or challenge.”

Federica Marchionni

Former CEO & Board Member at Lands’ End

“Jill is an excellent coach. She has experience, knowledge and passion to teach. I enjoyed this class and it has benefited my career.”

Andy Yue

Chief Technology Officer at Individual Life Insurance and Agency Technology Division at Prudential

“She rocked it – We could not have been more pleased – the content and delivery were great – and the highlight for me was one occasion when our CEO asked a tough question and she nailed the answer – with both her business expertise and passion for what she does shining through. Thanks for the help!”

Joe Jordon

Chief Marketing Officer at Domino's Pizza

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