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Communication Tip: How To Gauge Your Audience Mar 14, 2023

Gauging your audience is an important skill as you're mastering your English communication...

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5 Attitudes To Master Your English Communication Skills Feb 28, 2023

Professionals often come to me expecting me to give them the tools and techniques they need...

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Valentine's Day Special: Intonation Patterns of Poetry Feb 13, 2023

Melody is usually something easy to recognize in a tune or poem. Adding melody to our voice...

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Second Language Learning: An Act of Courage Feb 01, 2023

Mastering a second language is not an easy feat. Sometimes we get discouraged when we...

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The Relationship Between English Rhythm & Fluency Jan 17, 2023

Mastering a second language doesn't come without challenges, right? Sometimes we need to...

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English Fluency With Phrasal Verbs Part 2 Nov 21, 2022

We know from our last post that American English is full of phrasal verbs and that the meanings...

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English Fluency With Phrasal Verbs Part 1 Nov 17, 2022

American English is full of phrasal verbs – in fact, most native English speakers prefer to...

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Exploring Intonation When Storytelling - Halloween Edition Oct 31, 2022

Talking is so much more than your content and really depends on the way you express the...

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Thought Chunking To Remember American Idioms And Vocabulary Oct 19, 2022

Are you having trouble retaining and using new vocabulary that you learned in English? I...

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Speak-Sing Your English Pronunciation Oct 10, 2022

Speaking and singing are so much more closely related than you may know. In today's blog post, I...

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The Failing Forward Mindset To Improving Your English Sep 14, 2022

Did you ever think about how your fear of failure might be preventing you from learning or...

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Contractions In American English Aug 25, 2022

Contractions are one of the secrets that will unlock your native-like speech and American...

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