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Remember To Breathe When You Communicate Sep 19, 2023

When it comes to improving our communication skills, it isn't just about the language we are...

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Stop Enunciating Every Word And Start Linking Sep 07, 2023

The Diamond Method™ is comprised of 6 speech frameworks and today we'll be looking at The...

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Cadence and Effective Communication Aug 21, 2023

In this blog post, I'd like to highlight some ways in which working on cadence can enhance your...

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How Do You Imitate Someone's Speech? Aug 14, 2023

With The Great Imitation Challenge coming up in a few weeks, I thought I'd set you up...

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10 Summer English Expressions Jul 25, 2023

Summer is associated with fun, energy, and leisure. In the U.S. schools are out, businesses slow...

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Master Networking With Great English Communication Skills Jun 27, 2023

For many of us who've learned to pick up a second language or live in a country away from home,...

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Mastering Fluent English: Strategies to Overcome Hesitating Jun 08, 2023

Speaking with clarity and confidence is essential for effective communication. In fact, it's a...

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The Most Underrated Skill You Build Through Language Learning May 24, 2023

When people sign up, show up and do the work in my English communication skills...

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Adding Gestures To Your Spoken English May 09, 2023

Did you catch my educational email earlier this week? I gave a little teaser about how to use...

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The Imposter Syndrome Associated With Having A Foreign Accent Apr 26, 2023

I'm here to offer ways for you to unlock your confidence in your...

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Using Transition Words To Help With English Fluency Apr 11, 2023

The Diamond Method's Flow Framework is about connecting words when we speak to get to focus...

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The Power of Imitating Native English Speakers Mar 29, 2023

My best advice when students are starting to master English is to imitate great public...

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