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Business English Communication Skills with Numbers Oct 04, 2023

Getting the right syllable stress is crucial for being understood in English, and there's a...

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Adding Gestures To Your Spoken English May 09, 2023

Did you catch my educational email earlier this week? I gave a little teaser about how to use...

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The Relationship Between English Rhythm & Fluency Jan 17, 2023

Mastering a second language doesn't come without challenges, right? Sometimes we need to...

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Syllable Stress For Business Communication in American English Jun 13, 2022

Jill takes you inside a class on syllable stress where she not only helps her student produce the...

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American English Syllable Stress with Nouns and Verbs May 09, 2022

When words have different forms, they often have different pronunciations. This is true of...

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Rhythm Contrast In American English Mar 28, 2022

 Syllable contrast in English is one of the hardest things to achieve when speaking English...

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