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Business English Communication Skills with Numbers Oct 04, 2023

Getting the right syllable stress is crucial for being understood in English, and there's a...

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10 Summer English Expressions Jul 25, 2023

Summer is associated with fun, energy, and leisure. In the U.S. schools are out, businesses slow...

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The Power of Imitating Native English Speakers Mar 29, 2023

My best advice when students are starting to master English is to imitate great public...

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Second Language Learning: An Act of Courage Feb 01, 2023

Mastering a second language is not an easy feat. Sometimes we get discouraged when we...

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Past Tense Pronunciation in English Jun 23, 2022

Too often when people say the past tense, whether they say the word 'worked' or 'tried' or...

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American English Intonation Patterns Jun 18, 2022

You will learn the intonation patterns of the five sentence types inside today's post. And when...

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English Communication Confidence Jun 04, 2022

This excerpt from one of my Webinars talks about confidence when it comes to your English as...

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