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Master Networking With Great English Communication Skills

Jun 27, 2023

For many of us who've learned to pick up a second language or live in a country away from home, we've had to rely on networking in some form or another to build personal connections, professional opportunities, a community, and even our own personal brand and reputation. Read on to see how networking and effective communication go hand-in-hand. 


Master Networking With Great English Communication Skills 

When I started my business back in 1997, I HATED, and mean HATED, networking. I didn't know back then that it would become one of my favorite business-related activities.

I guess you could say, I've come to love it because I love communicating.

Still, when it comes to speaking a second language, as in both of our cases, networking can feel daunting, overwhelming, and well, downright hard to do. But, one advantage of being fluent in another language is that, through networking,  you can make important connections – professional and personal – that ultimately create your community and career opportunities. Plus, apart from improving straight-out English communication and confidence, the skill of networking is different and crucial for your success. Am I right?

Once networking in English becomes second nature, your opportunities will expose you to new knowledge and insights. You'll gain access to mentors, resources, partnerships, and the chance to add value to others.

Now let's talk about ways in which effective and clear communication plays a crucial role in networking.

1. Building Relationships That Help You Reach Your Professional Goals

Networking is all about building relationships with people. Effective communication helps establish rapport, trust, and credibility. Clear and concise communication allows you to convey your thoughts and ideas in a way that resonates with others, leading to stronger connections and meaningful relationships. 

2. Expressing Your Ideas and Goals Repeatedly To Improve Your English 

When networking, you often need to articulate your ideas, goals, and aspirations. The more you repeat yourself, the better you get at saying it. Your thoughts, vocabulary, and storytelling improve over time as you share your vision for the things that matter to you. This helps others understand your value and how they can potentially collaborate with you. 

3. Listening Actively To Improve Your Vocabulary

Networking is a two-way street, and effective communication involves active listening. By listening attentively, you can gain insights into others' needs, interests, and goals, not to mention the types of words and expressions you may learn!   

4. Exchanging Expertise To Solidify Your Professional Path

Networking provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise with others. By getting out there at live and virtual events, you can cross-check that you are on the exact path you want to be on in your career. You'll get leads and meet people who can help take you where you want to go.   

5. Building A Personal Brand That Others Will Remember

Sometimes when speaking a second language, you may feel that you don't belong or that people won't remember you. That's why getting into the world of networking will contribute to building your personal brand. The more you speak to the people who can help you climb the ladder of success, the more you shape and convey a brand where others think, "Yes, I like how you think!  

I told you at the top of today's post that there was a time I couldn't bring myself to network. I thought it was superficial small talk that was below me. It's true. I didn't understand that there was an art to it, and that small talk can, and DOES, lead to big talk!

So, I hope you'll come to love it as I have, and remember that growing your English communication confidence will help you unlock this crucial skill called networking. And that networking will also help you break through to a new level of English communication confidence. 


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